Serie ‘NUCLEAR’ is a conceptual still life photo series, consisting of five images that explore the negative sides of nuclear energy. Through the innovative use of food elements and tangible objects, each photo reflects a specific facet of nuclear energy.

From a salt stone that symbolizes nuclear mining to the asparagus that evokes uranium rods in a broken core, the blood orange that represents the devastating ‘Plutonium Demon Core’, a gas mask that signifies the protection of the food chain and nature, and an aluminum can with pulpo in water symbolizes radioactive dumping into the ocean. 

This series aims to raise awareness and also serves as a reminder on the powerful and adverse aspects of nuclear energy. By engaging the viewer’s imagination , ‘NUCLEAR’ aims to foster a deeper understanding and dialogue around the intricate and often controversial subject of nuclear power.

See the text below each image for a description of the concept behind it..

© 2019

The idea for this outlines the catastrophic power of this spherical and devastating source of plutonium. Let’s hope that objects like the devastating historical ‘demon core’ never see the light of day again.

The image shows a nuclear gas mask combined with elements of fresh food, symbolizing protection against the potentially destructive danger associated with disasters involving this form of energy.

The concept for this image highlights the hazards in nuclear power plants, particularly in the event of cracks forming in the core. Such cracks can result in the leakage of toxic radioactive liquids and overheated cores, which can lead to catastrophic disasters to both environment, life and future generations.

The concept for this image highlights the negative impacts of uranium mining on mother earth, including soil contamination, habitat destruction, and radioactive waste into the environment, causing lasting harm to both human health and the natural world, in immediate surroundings of the mining site.

The concept for this image highlights the harmful consequences of radioactive ocean dumping, illustrating how radioactive remnants seep into the depths of the sea. This process disrupts the delicate balance of our oceans, posing dangers to marine life and potentially impacting human consumption.