‘ERIKA Honey gin’ (non-commercial project,2020)

In this short serie images, i’ve played around with the ‘’ERIKA gin’’, it’s a special French gin from the Dordogne area, a friend found it for me in a little honey shop, and I was immediately in love with it.

Behind the creation of this great liquer brand, are 3 close friends,‘Paul’,a beekeeper, ‘Vianney’, a cook & ’ Thibault’ a bartender.
They have made 4 different spirits and 3 of them are incorporated with the Erica Heather honey, harvested by Paul.

For these images i use the ‘Old Tom’, this particular gin is made with local botanicals from the heart of the Dordogne area, a big part comes from the Jardin Altaïr,’Old Tom’ is macerated with rosemary, wild Rose, tarragon and sweeten with acacia honey, produced by the Happy culteur and Paul, from Black Honey.

My idea for the shots was to work around this gin, the botanicals & the making of a
‘Tom Collins’ drink with it, to create some dynamic images in a staged setting.

-One with the bottle of gin & some of the wild herbs or spices used for the maceration…
-A few in between about mixing the drink…
-And a last one with a finished styled drink….

The style is very graphic, dynamic & painterly which gives it an aesthetic appearance.

© 2020