(Personal fine-art project,2018)

The idea started with a fascination for the germinating process of dried beans.
In this series I want to give the viewer a different look at a product, which they usually see as just a dried product to cook with,
it is actually very fascinating to see what happens if you let this germinate & the evolution who undergoes it.
There are always 2 images, one at the start of the germination, when the embryo inside awakens(these are the close-up images in sepia tones) & then a second image when the germ has already evolved into a shoot with roots that start looking for food (these are the images in color)

A little background info off the germinating process:
”Dried beans & kernels In the edible form as we know them, exist in a sleeping state, when exposed to water/oxygen/temperature, the embryo inside off them wakes up, during the first development they use gravity to determine the direction of growth, to start the germination & rooting it uses all the spare food from inside the bean, finally the shell dies & the embryo becomes a new life form”

© 2018

// The serie was awarded in 2018 `IPA 2018// INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY Awards™` //

// The serie was awarded in 2018 `TIFA 2018// TOKYO INTERNATIONAL PHOTO AWARDS™` //

// The serie was awarded in OneEyeLand Awards 2018// ONEEYELAND PHOTO AWARDS™` //

// The serie was nominated in the Fine Art Photography Awards 2018/2019 // FINE ART AWARDS™` //
Lima Bean’Awakening’



Brown Bean’Awakening’

Lima Bean’Rooting’



Brown Bean’Rooting’