(Personal fine-art project,2019)

The concept for this serie of images was to capture life from the sea with a reference to it.
I used a very graphical approach, the composition & styling are minimalistic, with the usual dark umber tones which gives it that painterly feeling.
( it is still a work in progress )

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'SARDINE'marine species // Creative Process

Here is a quick look on the creative process for the making of the 'SARDINE' image , for the elements that i use in the creation of my artwork, i try to make as much as i can myself.I hope you like it!( Sorry for the low video resolution )#creativeprocces #ArtSerie #MarineSpecies #framedprint #conceptualart #artisticphotography #handmade #contrmporary #digitalart #foodart #artgallery #contemporaryart #artist

Geplaatst door FoodShot op Zondag 28 juli 2019

// Image ”PULPO” Finalist-STILL-LIFE- in ”World’s Top 10 Fine Art Photographers 2019” // ONEEYELAND PHOTO AWARDS™` //

// The serie was awarded with SILVER in TIFA 2019// TOKYO INTERNATIONAL PHOTO AWARDS™` //

// The serie was awarded with BRONZE in IPA 2019 // INTERNATIONAL PHOTO AWARDS™` //