‘HEART SHAPE’ metaphors

(Personal fine-art project,2020)

The heart,a graphical shape, that very often returns, in sweet foods , al kinds of gifts, emoji’s, pictogram, etc…. Mostly we use it to express our feelings..to someone who has a special place in our heart.
If we dig a bit deeper into the symbolism , then it stands for a range of emotions , commonly associated with the feeling of love , passion, desire, unity..some call it love-struck…on the other side it can also stand for the “ broken heart”, pain or lovesickness…and in some cultures it’s been used in magical rituals involved with love & attraction.

For this serie images i played with some of these thoughts & made 5 visual metaphors, where i used ‘sweet foods’ as a symbol of the heart with a link to love.

Here is a short description about each idea:
One true love
One perfect match, is it a myth, that people believe in…that there is only one true love and that nothing will compare to this one perfect image they have in their head ……

A bet on a heart / gamble on love
Comparing gamble in a casino with the gamble of love, in both cases you are putting something on the line, in one case you’re money in the other you heart, but in order to win, you need to place a high bet, and take the risk to loose it all….but remember, whatever cards you have, always be careful of the joker…

Unity hearts
A closeness between two hearts who are separate yet engaged in a shared venture…. It’s kind of like mixing two separate substances into something new, but the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, each part is true to their own, while also bring life to the other…

Broken heart
A metaphor for the intense pain one feels at experiencing great and deep longing, or by loosing someone we loved, let’s say it really sucks and may take weeks…. to recover from… what if there was some kind of instant glue for this…

Love Potion
In ancient cultures alchemists, wicca’s , often used the symbol of the heart in rituals relating to romance, love, attraction by the use of written spells, charms, amulets, potions..
Love magic does still exist, and it’s also a long-time used metaphor in literature, art , fantasy movie…

// Fine art ‘Still life’ //BRONZE